LEADER FOX introduces the brand of Czech bicycles, which was first established in 1996. Every year we are looking for and designing new bicycles for the whole family, for every terrain, for ambitious and modest customers.


Since 1996 we have been looking for our own brand design. Our aim was to find an original design, which would give it a character and would make it differ. After several years of search, we were finally successful in our model line for the year 2007 and we were able to get this intention into operation and start building our own image with the help of the design. For this season we have prepared original and a bold design, which gives individual models their characteristics and their purpose. ACTION-CONTENTMENT-ENTERTAINMENT.


Specification and preparation for manufacture of individual models takes place in a contractual workshop of the brand in Czech Republic. Everything is thoroughly tested before the onset of manufacture; individual models go through quality and compatibility tests.
The brand of LEADER FOX in principle uses Japanese components of the brand SHIMANO, these have proved themselves with their quality and resilience. The cycle frames have gone through long-term development for the manufacture of this brand. The geometry of the frames has been tested, so that they are suitable for all types of build. The material, which is used for the manufacture of the frame, has also gone through intense development. From Hi-ten material, through to Chromyl, until today, where we solely use ALUMINIUM 7005.


We have mainly focused on the manufacture of bicycles in the middle price range. Every year we offer around 20 mountain bikes, trekking and road bicycles in a large number of sizes and colours.

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